Colorado Parent’s column featuring books that celebrate grandparents

Tai Chi Storytelling

In this unique and dynamic program, Xelena will follow a reading of her book All Around Us with a movement-based retelling of the tale. Drawing upon her experience living in China, she will introduce participants to the basics of tai chi in a way that will make the story meaningful and unforgettable. Time permitting, participants will then engage in a group story circle that will involve their own ideas and movements inspired by tai chi, yoga, or other forms of expression. This program is appropriate for ages 5 to adult, and can be modified for younger audiences with parent participation. *30 minutes minimum, with the option to extend exercise up to 90 minutes

Story Walk: An Interactive Way to Experience Story

Also in conjunction with the San Antonio Public Library, Xelena and Adriana shared an early version of the book with their community through a dynamic reading and art installation, designed in the style of a Story Walk. This unique way of sharing stories promotes family literacy, healthy living, and nature appreciation. Please contact the creators to discuss the space and cost considerations involved in replicating this exhibition in your space or city. Indoor or outdoor displays are possible.

Circles are Everywhere

What do you see inside a circle? What can you design using only circles? What circles are you a part of? Using simple demonstrations and free-writing/drawing exercises, this workshop can be tailored to fit any age group. It involves brief discussion post book-reading and a chance to participate in a worldwide experimental art project based on circles. Older writers will leave with the beginnings of a reflective story, essay, or poem. *30 minutes minimum, which includes story time for younger participants.